dracula program

This program explores Vlad (Tepes), the Impaler/ Dracula’s, ageless historical figure and legacy. In addition to tracing Dracula’s footsteps at archeological sites, museums, and churches in Bucharest, we also visit Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace in Sighisoara and the Bran Castle in the Carpathian Mountains. Alongside Dracula, we will encounter vampires, ogres, ghosts, and creatures from another imaginary realm haunting the world of the living. Throughout the program, we will learn about the customs and experience cultural interactions within the national and linguistic borders of the still mysterious Romania and vampire haunted Transylvania. Beyond examining the historical Dracula, this program also offers an overview of the communist era (1945-1989), migration and ethnic tensions in today’s EU and beyond.

Key Details

Dates: June 12 - 25, 2024

Eligibility: 2.0 GPA

Application Deadline: March 1, 2024

Prerequisites: None


Enroll in 1 course for a total of 3 credits

- SLC 442: Dracula and Vampire Lore 

Program Fee: $5,730

Program fee includes: ASU tuition for 3 credits, housing, transportation, many meals, entrance fees, excursions and cultural activities, international health insurance and ASU faculty support

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Faculty Directors

Ileana Orlich | orlich@asu.edu

Madalina Meirosu | mmeirosu@asu.edu

Global Education Office International Coordinator

Lindsey Williams | lindseywilliams@asu.edu