Global Intensive Experience Recap

War and Culture in Eastern Europe: Empire or Liberal Democracy?

Romania plays an increasingly important military, strategic and humanitarian role as a member of both the EU and NATO. While in Romania you will learn about the country’s geo-strategic positioning and explore the Black Sea and Danubian region as a gateway to “the Other Europe.” Stepping back in history, you will also learn about the country’s ties with the former Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires as well as the USSR that still cast a long shadow over the nations of Central and Eastern Europe. Students will also participate in academic visits to Ceausescu’s People’s Palace, Dracula’s Castle in the Carpathians, Transylvanian Castles, and more!

2023 Recap

Day 1

A very rich and informative first day in Bucharest. ASU students explored the capital’s amazing architecture, had an extraordinary tour of the Palace of Parliament and attended a talk by a retired General of the Romanian army.

Day 2

Today we discovered some of the hidden treasures of Bucharest, Orthodox churches tucked behind the new Civic Center Complex, a project created during the communist regime.

Day 3

A third day filled with visits at the Peles Castle, an architectural masterpiece formerly the summer residence of the Romanian Royal family. Also a walking tour of the medieval city of Brasov, one of the most vibrant and charming Romanian sites.

Day 4

On day 4 of our Romanian adventure, a wonderful lecture about the Danube and its geo-political significance, followed by a food tour. I’m rolling around as we speak…

Day 5

Day 5 brought more wonderful experiences in Constanta, a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural port at the Black Sea. Spending the night in Tulcea, on the shores of the Danube River. Wonderful accommodations and a exceptional service at the Delta Hotel and restaurant.

Day 6

On day 6 we explored the extraordinary bio-diversity of the Danube Delta, the largest wetland in Europe.

Day 7

After spending the morning on the road from the Danube Delta, on day 7 we attended a very interesting and meaningful lecture entitled “The Void and the Shaping of Romanian Identity” by Prof. Bogdan Stefanescu from the University of Bucharest.

Day 8

Day 8 brought another round of learning and fun. From a beautiful presentation by the priest of the Orthodox Cretulescu to a tour of the National Art Museum, the Theodor Aman house and the Antim Monastery to a special dinner at the famous restaurant Caru cu bere (The beer wagon). We attempted to visit the Romanian Atheneum (Symphony Hall), but the entire space was rented for the filming of a movie with John Malkovich about the famous Romanian conductor Sergiu Celibidache. In between the different locations we grabbed a sweet bite at the legendary Capsa

Day 9

On day 9, we visited the Snagov monastery. In the afternoon, our students learned about the state of the Romanian marketplace and were rewarded diplomas for their engagement in the pre-fall ASU Global Intensive Experience.

Day 10

A wonderful morning at the Sutu Palace, where day 10 began with an examination of Romanian history and a visit to a wonderful exhibit of painting depicting country life.

Also on day 10, a visit to the Nicolae Minovici Muzeum, where we encountered an outstanding collection of traditional Romanian artifacts.

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